T&M Reuse

T&M Recycling is a trade name for T&M Reuse (Yorkshire) which mainly deals with the reduce, reuse, recycling and disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipments (WEEE). T&M Recycling is based in Leeds and provide services all through West Yorkshire with expansion in view.

T&M Reuse (Yorkshire) is a government licensed waste recycling company approved to carry out repair and refurbishment for all WEEE items either hazardous or non-hazardous. Our company utilizes experience, expertise and skills in ensuring a cleaner, greener and sustainable environment. Our personnel are well equipped in both human and technical resources which has a long the years enable us to grow, develop and excel in contributing to ensure a greener environment.

All WEEE collected are either eligible to be reused or recycled. In cases of non-reusable items, they are broken down into parts in which the base materials of production are recovered and then distributed or in most cases sold in bulk to authorized material recycling facilities (MRF). The reusable items are packaged and refurbished to be sold for reuse putting into consideration its end of life period. This in turn provides income to compensate for the free service being offered with respect to the WEEE collection.
With our selfless service and the public’s co-operating provision of WEEE items, both parties tend to contribute immensely to keeping the environment green, safe and sustainable.

Our major targets include but not limited to:
– Large Corporations
– NHS/Hospitals
– Data Center/ I.T Infrustructures
– Medium + Small Scale Enterprises
– Universities
– Schools + Colleges
– Police + Law Enforcement
– Government + Councils
– etc..

T&M Reuse follows the current legislation & guidelines set out,  for more information click on any of the following links below:

Company Registration Details
Company Number: 8521273
Environmental Permit License No: NC2/06/091/2017
Environmental Waste Carriers License No: CB DU127918
VAT Registration No.: 168578355

You can also view our certificates online, click any of the links below to view: