Waste Goods Collection List

At T&M Reuse we recycle most kinds of waste, so this page details out the “Waste Goods Collection List”.

The list below is intended to inform you on what kinds of goods we collect.

– Box TV’s (CRT TV)
– Box Screens(CRT Monitors)
– Laptops
– Computer Desktops
– Computer Hard Drives (we will wipe all data from hard drives & issue a certificate if requested)
– Apple Macs
– Fridges (Small, Commercial, Large, Domestic etc)
– Freezers (Small, Commercial, Large, Domestic etc)
– Computer & Laptop Accessories
– SERVERS (Computer Servers or Workstations)
– Back-up systems
– Flat Screen TV’s
– Flat Screen Monitors
– Office Telephones / VOIP phones
– Networking Equipment (Switches, LAN Boxes, NAS Drives, etc….)
– Air Conditioning Systems (Office/Commercial or Domestic)
– Bicycles
– Other Domestic Goods: Kitchen Microwaves, Washing Machines, Toaster,
– Commercial Vending Machines

If you’re still not sure about the information on this page, [just contact us by clicking here]