Yorkshire Computer IT Data Destruction

Yorkshire Computer IT Data Destruction

T&M Reuse recognizes the importance of data that may still be stored in storage mediums, therefore our services will ensure all storage mediums will be erased fully & then physically destroyed. Storage mediums include:
– Hard Drives from computers
– CCTV Tapes / Discs
– Recording Tapes
– Legacy Backup Tapes
– Other Discs (DVD, BluRay, CD, etc..)
– Mobile Phones
– Any Device that stores data

Our data destruction services both include OnSite & OffSite secure erasure of information before being physically destroyed. When the task is complete we issue the client a signed “Certificate Of Data Destruction”. Even if the information is erased, we still hook up the device to our IT systems to verify all information is unrecoverable.

It doesn’t matter how many items you have that need to be erased/destroyed, we take them all! – Collections are free of charge or else you’re welcome to drop them off at our warehouse anytime.

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