WEEE Yorkshire Recycling

2016 WEEE Yorkshire Recycling

It’s 2016! (Happy New Years!) – With 2015 already behind everyone, it’s only natural to hit the stores for the January sales & get the latest electronics.  However, did you know that every single year the UK is notorious for throwing away perfectly working electronics in the normal council bins!

As much as these councils try and separate the electronics at their own waste centres, more than 60% of our electronics still end up in landfill, never to be recycled, reused or even repaired again! 😮

To understand the scale of this problem, try and picture hundreds of thousands of taxis all lined up in a straight line. That’s enough to stretch around the world tens of times! – – In other words we produce more than 1 million tons of electrical waste!

However, don’t panic just yet! – There are still waste recycling companies like T&M Reuse, that specialize in most electronic waste disposals.

So, if you have any electronics that you feel like throwing away, don’t aim for the bin. Just call us instead! 🙂
(We also do free collections 😉)