WEEE IT Computer Recycling Leeds

WEEE IT Computer Recycling Leeds
Yorkshire based recycling company with collection services for all IT electronics / computers , as well as Commercial/Domestic White Goods Disposal.

T&M Reuse Yorkshire LTD are based in the industrial estate within the city center (Unit 7B, 66 Mabgate, LS9 7DZ). We collect & recycle various WEEE/IT goods such as:

  • Computer Desktops / Laptops
  • VOiP Phones or Cordless Phones or Mobiles
  • Office Networking Kits
  • Office Servers & Server Hardware
  • UPS Battery Power Systems
  • Printers / Copy Machines / Fax Machines
  • Screens (Flat TFT, Plasma, Old CRT Box Shape)
  • CCTV Units
  • Office Furniture (Chairs, Desks, Tables etc..)
  • Office Kitchenware (Coffee Makers, Toasters, Dishwashers, Fridges, Vending Machines, etc..)

We may be based in Leeds but we travel to anywhere in Yorkshire (You call, we collect!). If you live outside the Yorkshire region, we still make arrangements to visit you.

If you like, you are also welcome to visit our warehouse during opening times & just drop off your goods!